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Automating a Job Shop

Adding automation to a business typically producing small lots while holding tight tolerances. What is the #1 issue in a high-mix/low-volume machine shop? Adapting to the changing demands of customers. Whether it’s an expedite request, a sudden change in quantity, or the ability to alter the customers priorities, it’s been a constant through my tenure …


Imagineering Machine Inc. adds additional 5-Axis Capability with Automation

Imagineering Machine Inc. adds 5-axis automated cell to increase capacity.


Investing in Equipment AND People

As the economy rages on and the workforce becomes tighter and tighter, there are a few choices manufacturers have regarding the future. Press on full-steam with the people and equipment you have.  Make hay while the sun shines and take advantage of this economic BOOM See #1 + become strategic about how you can set your …