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Ethics > Experience: The Hiring Game


As the manufacturing industry grows, common headlines and news reports point to a lack of qualified and experienced workers who can fill open positions.  Employers across the country are struggling to find trained machinists and welders (among other skilled trades) who can step in to fill open positions.

State and federal political figures have stepped up to emphasize the importance of technical education and created programs to promote strong manufacturing careers.

With that said, experience has proven that hiring the right PERSON is more critical than hiring the best person.  (I do acknowledge that in certain cases, experience is a must and should be taken into consideration).

Our brief example involves a young man who was recommended to us from a past employee.  He had no prior machining knowledge but was equipped with a curiosity to learn, an interest in the field, and, most importantly, the ability to treat people with respect and become dedicated to his job.

After running our saw and maintenance program, he was promoted to CNC operator where he is setting up, running, and inspecting parts.  His ability to ask questions, request help, and challenge himself have proven to be the best possible learning tool for him.  Through on-the-job training, he is learning to code and will soon be writing his own programs.

Modern Machine Shop recently had a similar story regarding an employee with no previous machining experience or knowledge who is succeeding in his new found career.

In the end, the amount of experience and education you have in a specific subject area may move the starting line ahead but in the end, it’s the ability and willingness to learn that makes a great employee, co-worker, and contributor.

When hiring, think of creative ways to advertise your open position.  There may be great candidates who aren’t looking to your company but may be perfect person for the job.

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