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Imagineering Machine Inc. expands capacity and capabilities with acquisition of Mid-City Precision

Effective April 2023, Imagineering Machine Inc has acquired Mid-City Precision Inc, a precision machine job shop located in St. Louis Park, MN. With the acquisition, the two companies represent over 25 CNC machines and 34 employees. In addition, the capabilities each company possessed with transition nicely to serve the existing companies of both Imagineering Machine …


Why did Imagineering Machine Inc. choose to purchase another business?

I love the machining business. I love watching products come to life from a drawing/model to a jewel you can hold in your hand. In addition, knowing where it’s going, what it’s a part of, and what lives may be changed by that final product give us a sense of excitement and appreciation for what …


Automating a Job Shop

Adding automation to a business typically producing small lots while holding tight tolerances. What is the #1 issue in a high-mix/low-volume machine shop? Adapting to the changing demands of customers. Whether it’s an expedite request, a sudden change in quantity, or the ability to alter the customers priorities, it’s been a constant through my tenure …


Investing in Equipment AND People

As the economy rages on and the workforce becomes tighter and tighter, there are a few choices manufacturers have regarding the future. Press on full-steam with the people and equipment you have.  Make hay while the sun shines and take advantage of this economic BOOM See #1 + become strategic about how you can set your …


Imagineering Machine Inc. adds 5-Axis Machine Tool

With the addition of the 5-axis machine tool, Imagineering Machine Inc. offers more than ever. Imagineering Machine Inc. is excited to announce the addition a new 5-Axis machine tool, the Quaser MF400C/U. ¬†The new machine tool allows increased accuracy and reduced set-up time for both prototype and production orders¬†giving us the ability to deliver accurate …