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Multi-Axis CNC Milling

We take pride in economy and efficiency in all operations. We encourage low-overhead production and are among the leaders in finding affordable answers to intricate machining projects. All of our CNC machinists do set-up, programming, and production. This makes our lead times shorter, our deliveries on track, and costs within budget. With multiple machines per operator we encourage all personnel to suggest cost-saving measures that improve manufacturing efficiency that can be passed on to the customer.

Our personnel are cross trained to work on a vast range of machining projects, from tooling down to <.050″ to manifolds over 800 lbs. We are experienced in machining high temperature plastics, such as Torlon, Ultem, and Vespel, as well as exotic metals like Titanium, Hastelloys and Inconel. Traditional stainless steels, steels, aluminum and brass are machined in-house on a daily basis.

Our current milling centers give us a 3, 4, and 5 axis machining area of up to 30” (X) X 50” (Y) X 25” (Z) and material up to 1000 lbs/ea.

Mid-City Capabilities